Virtual tour of DTU Biosustain 

In this virtual tour, you can both try to design, build and test a cell factory, improve your lab skills, take a closer look at our workflow, and visit the different Sections and Groups.

NB: If you are accessing this virtual simulation from an iPad or other mobile device it may not work. Please use a PC or Mac computer.

Cell Animation

This video describes how we engineer cells at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability in order for them to produce large amounts of valuable chemicals and pharmaceuticals sustainably.

System requirements

Building 220 Labster
  • >> The lab may take up to 1 minute to load depending on your network connection.


  • >> This virtual simulation uses advanced 3-D graphics and requires a lot of your computer's resources to run optimally. For the best user experience, we recommend clearing the browser cache and closing other programs and browser windows. 


  • >> For optimal performance use Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Opera.  


  • >> In Chrome and FireFox, the simulation will run in full-screen mode. Exiting full-screen mode will pause the simulation. Clicking Resume re-starts the simulation at the same point.


  • >> The simulation does not work on iPhones, iPads or Android units.
18 AUGUST 2018