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DTU is changing Job Vacancy System. Therefore, jobs posted after 19. November 2018 will not show on the list below. Please click the link beneath to find the newest vacancies. Note that this temporary solution does not allow you to sort by Center or Institute to find vacancies. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but DTU is working on solving the problems. Quick fix: If you use the search field and write "Biosustain", you should find our job postings.

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Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc in Experimental Biology and Informatics of Membrane Transporters Center for Biosustainability 22 MAR 19
Full-stack Developer for Cell Design Application Center for Biosustainability 15 APR 19
Postdoc in Computational Aided Design of Cells Center for Biosustainability 15 APR 19
PhD in Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biochemistry Center for Biosustainability 29 MAR 19
Postdoc in Synthetic Biochemistry and Metabolic Engineering Center for Biosustainability 01 APR 19
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